Bottoming shirt

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size          Length Shoulder              width           bust           Sleeve Length

M                   66cm                        64.5cm       124 cm         57 cm (drop shoulder sleeve)

L                     67cm                        65.5cm       126 cm         68cm (drop shoulder sleeve)

XL                   70 cm                       67.5cm       132c m         59cm (drop shoulder sleeves)

2XL                 71cm                        69.5cm       134cm          59cm (drop shoulder sleeves)

Most of our clothes design is loose-fitting style so it doesn't mean it's big.

Genrally pants has the highest return rate , please make sure to choose your correct size by mesuring your waistline.

Choose your US size according to the variants name. ( If no US size contact us)

Example: 30 US Inches pants size is 76.2cm waist, check the size chart for 76cm waist.

  • Each item has a size chart attached to it.
  • If you are skinny then choose the smallest size for shirts since most of our shirts are oversized.
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